Trading Alerts

Get the latest trade ideas and alerts sent directly to you with thoughts on take-profit and stop-loss levels. These can range from every single security you can think of; Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, ETF’s, Bonds and much more! The timescales are “medium” term as this allows people time to react to the alerts and information we send them whilst being able to make the most profit possible. We also publish short and long term alerts/ideas and make it very clear when doing so.

Chat Room and Teaching

People love talking to other traders in the moment. We have a chat room where you can instantly message and get a response just as quick. This is great for asking questions you might have or even about the latest trade alerts. Everything is permitted in this chat room and so, it proves a great resource to both old and new traders! Who doesn’t like talking with other intelligent investors and traders to learn more.

In-depth Analysis

Finally, another feature is that you will get frequent and in-depth analysis publications. This can vary from absolutely anything such as the way that the market is acting, the current yields in different parts of the world and of course, looking at companies. These publications are easy to understand and you have the ability to ask about parts you do not understand. This provides you with another opportunity to make even more profit.

Join Below

You will get the alerts and in-depth analysis with the premium membership only. The premium membership is 20 USD per month.